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English Editing for

Business, Academic, & Personal Writing

Would it be helpful if a native English speaker read your document and suggested improvements? Perhaps you've written a journal article, a web site, an ad, a letter, or some other document and you want to be sure of the grammar and punctuation, and above all, that the meaning is clear? That's what we do - English edited and corrected for business, academic and personal writing. We provide an English editing service at an inexpensive price that is professional and confidential.

  • Text editing by native English speakers

  • Reliable correction of:

    Business documents 

    Academic publications 

    Journal articles

    Advertising copy 




    Any other English text

  • Cost based on level of editing required, from $2 per page

If you think your writing could benefit from additional editing, our service may provide the extra help that you need. We have experience correcting translated text, scientific articles, business ads, web sites, correspondence, and book manuscripts, with customers in Europe, North America, South America, the Mid East, the Far East and Africa.





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