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  1. What types of documents do you edit?

We will edit any English text, including business documents, manuals, reports, correspondence, resumes, advertising copy, brochures, web sites, books, newspaper articles, technical literature, academic papers and journal articles. 


  1. How long will it take to receive my edited document?

Short documents will be returned by email on the next day. Documents longer than ten pages will be returned within three days, except when agreed upon otherwise (for example, book editing).


  1. What file types should I send?

We would prefer Microsoft Word files (PC or Mac), but other file types can be accepted. Documents will be returned as Microsoft Word files or other file types as requested.


  1. How do you determine the page cost?

Word count of the document will be determined using Microsoft Word. One page is equivalent to 250 words. Cost per page is determined by the degree of editing required:

a) The page cost for light editing containing < 5 errors/page is $2.00.

b) The page cost for moderate editing containing 5-10 errors/page is $3.00.

c) The page cost for significant editing containing 10-20 errors/page is $4.00.

d) The page cost for extensive editing containing > 20 errors/page is $6.00.

e) The page cost for extensive editing containing > 30 errors/page is $8.00.

f) Bulleted or outlined text has a minimum page cost of $4.00.


Each document submitted will be counted as a minimum of one page. EnglishEdited.com is U.S.-based and charges are given in US dollars.    



  1. Who will see my document?

No one other than the editors at EnglishEdited.com will see your document. We treat your document as absolutely confidential.


  1. What kinds of corrections do you do?

We will review your document for errors in standard English grammar, spelling and punctuation. When needed we will also modify the text to make it clearly understandable to English readers. If requested, we will rewrite the entire document.

7.     Can I set up a standing order for frequent submissions of documents?

Yes. We offer a standing order billed monthly according to volume. With a standing order, a customer or business can send us documents whenever the need arises, without having to place individual orders. Each document will be counted as a minimum of one page.


8.     Is your service worldwide?


Customers worldwide may use our English editing service.

Contact us at any time at ee@englishedited.com.


9.     Disclaimer

Though all editing is carried out to our highest standard, final responsibility for text content remains with the submitter.


For the convenience of users, this web site contains links to sites which may contain material copyrighted by others.



10.   Email Contact: ee@englishedited.com. Tel. in US: 617-909-9559.


11.   Refund policy:  Full satisfaction of editing quality or charges will be refunded.